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Pro Panel Flat Wall Grazer - $229.95

The flat-wall Stall Grazer by ProPanel horse feeders is perfect for feeding single or multiple horses in paddocks or outdoor applications.

Like all ProPanel horse feeders, the flat-wall Stall Grazer feeder sits at ground level allowing your horses to eat comfortably with their head down and teeth aligned in a natural grazing position. The flat-wall Stall Grazer installs easily into any outdoor space and is durable enough to last a lifetime, even under strong sunlight. With the Stall Grazer, horses don’t pull their feed out into the ground, saving you money on hay, labor and shavings while keeping your horses healthier and happier. Used and endorsed by more million dollar riders and world champions than any other feeder in the world!

Stock Number: FlatFeeder
Sale Price: $230
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